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Jim Cook accompanies his wife, Gwen, to parties, movies, church services, and trips to the grocery store. The Cooks recently returned from an eight-day vacation to Hawaii.

A charmed lifestyle, to be sure, but here’s the news hook: As recently as six months ago, Jim Cook was reclusive: he rarely left the house – for seven years.

The Cooks attribute Jim’s transformation to the discovery of CBD Remedies, a rapidly growing, locally owned business whose Gateway Mall store opening on Black Friday marked its third Lincoln location in just a little over two years. Success stories like the Cooks have been shared by word of mouth and have fueled the growth of CBD Remedies.

Anxiety relief has allowed Jim Cook – a formerly extroverted man with a lively sense of humor – to return to his old self. “Even my kids didn’t recognize him,” said Gwen Cook, who also credits CBD products for avoiding surgery on her vocal chords.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant and is a naturally occurring substance. It’s used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation. To get the desired effects, users have multiple options for delivering CBD into the body such as topical ointments, transdermal patches, tinctures, edibles, nasal sprays, smoking and vaporizing.

CBD has also been a life-altering experience for Claudia Messineo, a co-owner of Valentino’s, who has wrestled with anxiety disorder and joint pain for the past half-dozen years. Using a combination of capsules, salve and lotion, she looks at life through a different lens nowadays thanks to CBD Remedies.

“I’ve experienced an overwhelming sense of well-being,” Messineo said. “CBD amps up my life … it’s like taking a multi-vitamin daily because it’s effective.”

CBD Remedies has three Lincoln locations: a south store, west of 27th and Pine Lake Road; a north store, at 2723 N. 48th St.; and the Gateway Mall site, across from Round 1 Bowling & Amusement. All are owned by Shiva Kumar; his wife, Andrea Watkins; and Adam Brewer.

Kumar, who manages the south store, said savvy consumers seek a more natural treatment for everything from pain management and stress to memory disorder, addiction and depression.

“We feature a broad selection of our own products and those of other leading brands,” added Brewer, who founded Lincoln’s original store, the north location, on Aug. 3, 2017. See more details on the CBD Remedies Facebook page.