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A lot of people are turning to cannabis because of its medical benefits. Cannabis is a natural herb with no side effects as compared to other pharmaceutical drugs if taken with the recommendation of a doctor. But can we also use cannabis in chemotherapy?

In the case of cancer, there are not enough clinical trials that could give a categorical answer. But patients have shared a lot of positive results who have used cannabis during and after chemotherapy. As cannabis is great in treating the symptoms of cancer such as loss of appetite, pain, and nausea.

In a survey of cancer patients, every one out of eight patients claimed using cannabis to treat the symptoms of cancer. From the same survey, only 15% of the patients concurred with the statement that cannabis interferes with different prescriptions.

No doubt, this is a hazardous misguided judgment. Doctor Joseph Rosado, who is a cannabis doctor says that cannabis typically interacts with every single medication including chemotherapy drugs. Especially those that are particularly processed through the liver. Moreover, Doctor Rosado has treated almost 400 cancer patients with cannabis drugs.

Cancer patients and cannabis

Cancer patients use cannabis for two reasons:

  • to reduce the reactions of cancer treatment.
  • to accomplish anti-tumor responses.

As to the first of these objectives, THC has clinically exhibited to avert the sickness and loss of craving brought about by chemotherapy. People have also started using cannabis because of its anti-tumor effects, some of these positive results have also been seen in various animal models of cancer.

Because of the positive benefits of cannabis thousands of oncology patients are using it around the world to treat cancer.

Is it safe to use cannabis during chemotherapy?

According to researches, cannabis can be utilized safely in conjunction with chemotherapy treatment. The interactions of the cannabis with other medications in the liver have easily avoided by changing how you direct your cannabis drug.

The interactions in the liver mostly occur by taking pills or edibles. We can avoid it if we take cannabis by vaping, inhalers, or smoking. Doctor Rosado suggests that out of all these methods patients should use inhalers. It’s very effective because when you inhale cannabis all of it is absorbed in three to four minutes.

This happens through an exchange of gases in the lungs. Cannabinoids immediately tie to the red blood cells, advancing into the circulatory system. By this patient can take the best dose of cannabis with the best possible results.

After inhalers, Doctor Rosado suggests vaporization. It’s another effective method of consuming cannabis. However, smoking cannabis has not recommended for medicinal use as it can have negative effects.

What to keep in mind?

Doctor Rosado suggests that the cancer patient should never take cannabis in the form of pills or edibles during chemotherapy treatments. It can have adverse effects within 1.5 to 2 hours of treatment. Moreover, liver cancer patients should never take edibles because liver cancer reduces the ability of the liver to metabolize.

Doctor Rosado also says that if you have a problem in inhaling cannabis then you can take a low-temperature tea made from cannabis buds.