CBD and old age: “How can CBD help with the aches and pains of old age?” – SWNS Stories

While we all of us may grow old, the aches and pains that accompany aging don’t have to always have to be untreatable. With Forbes magazine reporting that 51% of seniors using CBD enjoyed improved quality of life, oils and infused products are becoming increasingly attractive as supplements for the elderly.

So, what conditions can cause problems for you or your elderly relatives and how could CBD potentially help take the edge of any issues that come post-retirement.

What causes issues?

Sadly, mounting physical and medical complaints are often part and parcel of the passing of time. While eating healthily and getting enough sleep can help slow the aging process, some common complaints include-

Joint Pain: As we get older the mobility in our joints can dramatically decrease. This is due to the synovial fluid in your joints becoming less plentiful and your cartilage wearing away. This is a very common complaint for individuals who lived a particularly active or physically demanding life such as labourers and athletes and can prove very debilitating when trying to live independently.

Arthritis: With 350 million individuals worldwide diagnosed with arthritis, managing the condition is a global concern. Arthritic pain is caused by inflammation of the muscles around the affected areas and can result in morning stiffness and a significant loss in manual dexterity.

Managing Pain and Repair: As we age, being able to treat ongoing medical conditions can become much more difficult due to our body slowing down our rate of cellular repair. This can make recurring conditions such as tendonitis, long-standing injuries, or recovering from bumps and bruises difficult and painful.

How can CBD Help

While medical treatment and physiotherapy can provide essential support, CBD can play a helpful supporting role in an elderly user’s daily routine. While infused supplements should never be taken in the place of a course of professional treatment, using it as supplementary treatment potentially carries many benefits. These include-

Increased mobility: Using CBD oil can fight the aches that accompany joint complaints and proves very effective at treating neuropathic and physical pain, such as tendonitis. In addition, committing to low impact exercise such as swimming can help improve an individual’s strength and flexibility. Taking cod liver oil can help cushion joints against further damage and naturally improve circulation throughout the body.

Reduction in inflammation: CBD’s ability to help the body manage inflammation can be incredibly helpful with managing the flareups that can accompany arthritis. This has become so well know that CBD is now mentioned as a potential supplement on the Arthritis Foundation’s website. In addition to trying CBD, avoiding cold environments can also be a massive help as the body’s muscles respond to heat; making applying heat packs or using hot water bottles helpful in the colder months.

Range of potential benefits: CBD is still being studied to research its usefulness for conditions like glaucoma and glaucoma has undergone research. While research is still ongoing, CBD’s ability to manage pain and stimulate serotonin production makes it a helpful supplement for those dealing with chronic discomfort and an adjusted mood due to their issues according to www.cbdresource.com.

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