CBD Oil Benefits for Pets + How CBD Saved My Dog

CBD Oil Benefits for Pets + How CBD Saved My Dog

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of CBD oil. Now, it’s hard to list all of the CBD oil benefits to be had because there are so many BUT that is exactly what I cover in this video. CBD oil for dogs and cats is an absolute gamechanger. From eliminating seizures to curing autoimmune disease, there isn’t much that CBD oil cannot do!

If you have a dog or cat, this video is for YOU! Not only will you learn the top 10 useful CBD oil benefits for your pet but you will also hear how CBD oil brought my 12-year-old dog back from the dead – okay, not literally, but she was pretty close back in 2017. She went from having seizures, autoimmune disease, mobility issues, and a heart murmur to running the house -literally and figuratively. Lastly, I will cover my recommendations for the best CBD oil for dogs and cats on the market.

If you’re don’t have time to listen to my melodic voice for 14 minutes and you want to get to the good stuff, this is my recommendation…

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Table of Contents

Introduction: 0:00
CBD Oil Benefits: 3:45
CBD Oil Side Effects: 9:55
How CBD Oil Saved My Dog: 10:25

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