Ganja gifts for cannabis fans – The Spokesman-Review

By Kate A. Miner EVERCANNABIS Correspondent

Whether you’re shopping for friends or making your own wish list, here are some ideas if you’re looking to have a “green” Christmas.

For Entertaining

1. All-natural Mirth Provisions Legal Sparkling Tonics are a delicious mix of bubbles, fruit and locally-sourced ingredients. The exotic blends are great for creating the perfect Yuletide punch! Kick the party off with a cocktail made with Rainier Cherry (a hybrid), end the night with a hot toddy made with Lemon Ginger (an indica), or calm the crowd with Cranberry (a CBD).

2. For holiday baking or cooking needs, look no further than Craft Elixirs and its a wonderful line-up of sweet, savory or hot and spicy syrups. These elixirs come in all kinds of delightful combinations and are treasured by cannabis chefs throughout the Northwest.

3. Handcrafted and incredibly delicious, Wave Edibles Fine Chocolates and Caramels take gift-giving up a notch. Lucky recipients will rave about these treats throughout the holiday season.

For the Ladies

4. A thoughtful combination of natural ingredients and essential oils meet hemp-derived CBD in La Bloom Beauty CBD Lady Oil, intended to alleviate pain, bloating, and cramps, as well as lower back pain, aches, sprains and bruises.

5. Creators say THC-free Cannabis Eau de Parfume will remind you of “lazy afternoons spent dwelling on a favorite record.” The cannabis scent is balanced by spicy and herbaceous aromas with floral notes of muguet and magnolia. Malin and Goetz also sell candles and body wash in the same scent.

6. Fragrance company House of Matriarch, has taken beverage crafting to another level with its High Flavor Exotic Natural Essences line-up, including PNW Cannabis Terepenes. Small mixology misters add an extra something for those seeking the next level of luxury and decadence.

7. High Beauty Skincare is one of the first skin care brands to formulate a whole line with cannabis sativa seed oil as the hero ingredient. Incredibly nutrient-dense with 20 amino acids, it’s a great source of essential fatty acids to provide healthy, beautiful skin.

For the Gentlemen

8. Saints Joints Tattoo Art Boxes are gorgeous, finely detailed stash boxes, perfect for a few joints or blunts. Designed by tattoo artists and other Seattle-area craftspeople, they’re fantastic for someone who has everything and likes one-of-a-kind finds.

9. A true gentleman always shares with the group in style. The next time you pass a J, use an Elevate Joint Tip, made with hand finished wood that is seasoned and conditioned with each use. Available in Black Walnut or Maple.

10. If you are not familiar with Ionic Single-use Vaporizer Pen, head to your favorite retailer! Right up there with single malt scotch and leather sofas as the epitome of luxury and class, these elegant vape pens are available in signature blend Social (hybrid), Focus (sativa-based blend) and Relax (indica-based blend).

11. Drop a few bottles of Mirth Giant shots in the stocking of your favorite adventure seeker. The small, one-shot bursts of robust botanicals are aligned with natural terpenes and favorite cannabis strains, whether you’re seeking a kick (Waking Sativa), a come-down (Gentle Indica), or harmony (Mental 1:1 CBD/THC).

For Everyone

12. Crystals are thought to facilitate healing due to their vibrations, and rose quartz is considered the crystal of love and compassion. With a Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe, you can give the gift of a healthier aura, open heart, and promote love, friendship, and peace this holiday.

13. Airo Pro Vape Pen and Cartridges offers a new line of artisan-flavored pure distillate oil cartridges for its vape pens. Its naturally-flavored oils are high-potency, pure distillate oils. Check out Buddha’s Smile (1:1 CBD to THC) or Tranquilitea (10:1 CBD to THC) when the holiday gets stressful.

14. Following the popularity of Fairwinds’ deep tissue and joint gel and cream, its latest transdermal innovation, FLOW Roll-On, provides fast, powerful relief with essential oils offering an intense cooling and warming sensation, plus enhanced circulation. Available in regular and extra-strength.

15. Small, sweet, and discreet. The Atomic9 Vaporizer offers a revolutionary and patent-pending “Dual Layer” heating technology that combines the vapor consistency of convection heating with the space and energy efficiency of conduction heating in the smallest and most cost-effective convection heating vaporizer currently on the market.

Kate A. Miner has a degree in visual anthropology, and has worked in marketing and advertising for many years. She writes, takes photos and teaches yoga.