Hemp opportunities fulfill Holmes homecoming dreams – Pratt Tribune

Standing next to nutrient-rich hemp plants in Oregon, Jenifer Holmes of Pratt has turned her passion for growing and sustainable living into a business called Plain Jane Hemp Company. She is a consultant for hemp growers as well as the Western Regional Manager for Kaycha Labs, a hemp-testing company from Florida.

Pratt native Jenifer Holmes has come home to help hemp farmers in southcentral and western Kansas. And she brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry that helped her find her passion after searching for many years. 

As the owner of Plain Jane Hemp Company, she is a sales partner at Shining Star Farms near Haviland, helping to produce sustainable hemp from 300 that are planted there. Holmes serves as a testing consultant, advising clients from across the nation and in Europe on best sales options. She is also the Western Regional Manager for Kaycha Labs in Florida, a state-of-the-art testing service for licensed cannabis and CBD producers and distributors.

Holmes grew up in Pratt, graduating from Pratt High School in 2002, but she said she was never quite sure what she wanted to do with her life.

“I got a degree in cosmetology, joined the Navy, went to nursing school, worked as a single mom, eventually found myself working as a nurse for a hip and knee surgeon,” Holmes said. “More and more I just found myself not in agreement with some of the practices I was seeing and watching. I saw surgery as the cure-all for pain when a lot of the patients were getting CBD oil and that was what was working for them.”

Holmes, who lived in Oregon for seven years, spent a few days house-sitting for a friend there who had plants needing care. She found she loved gardening and working with plants, and from there decided to increase her knowledge about plants grown for health improvement.

This new interest took her to a position working in a CBD oil extraction lab in Oregon, networking with hemp seed breeders and learning all she could about growing hemp for fiber and medicinal uses.