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The best thing I’ve done for myself this year was to learn how to protect my peace and manage the anxiety that 2020 brought. A good night’s sleep is so essential to wellness, especially as the mom of a 4-year-old. I love to take some Be Jubie CBD oil to help make sure that my nights aren’t spent tossing and turning. If I learned anything from this year, it’s that mental health is primary and that thanks to this [THC-free, sustainable] oil, it can come in the form of 1,000 milligrams of pure zen. —Naeemah LaFond, hairstylist and Amika Global Artistic Director

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Every night after I put the kids to bed, I take a bath. Post-bath, I light a D.S. + Durga Wild Brooklyn Lavender Candle and pat my face with Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops and feel immediately calm. —Tanya Taylor, designer

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I got pregnant during the lockdown in San Francisco, and the one thing that makes me unwind is my at-home yoga spot: a mat, a pair of blocks, and more recently, I acquired a yoga blanket. When I feel stressed and tense, I turn off the lights and do a 30-minute prenatal yoga session on Obe Fitness. My favorite pose is to have the blocks on my back and the [blanket] on me with a lavender pillow on my eyes—I could stay like this for hours. —Elsa Jungman, Ph.D., skin scientist and founder of skin-care line Dr. Elsa Jungman.

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