Tempo Wellness co-founder: ‘It’s a common misconception that CBD induces fatigue, but it doesn’t make you drowsy’ – FoodNavigator-USA.com

 “People will try anything once,” ​said Ryan Crane, who launched sparkling teas​ under the Tempo​ brand in late 2017, and a line of tea-based shots​ in early 2019 featuring 25mg of hemp derived CBD (MSRP $6.99) sold in independent retailers, coffee shops and gyms in the Midwest.

But if they don’t get the result they are expecting, they are not coming back. Building a brand around CBD – or anything else – is about building consumer loyalty.”

And this begins with careful sourcing, thoughtful formulation, and a focused go-to-market strategy, said Crane, who studied neuroscience at Princeton and recently gave a TEDx Talk​ on the therapeutic potential of CBD.

Sourcing: The Wild West

When it comes to sourcing CBD, he said, “It’s the Wild West out there still. There’s a lot of quantity out there in the market but not a ton of quality. Reputable suppliers will offer a CoA ​[certificate of analysis] but of course you want to test at your end as well.

“Sometimes when things go awry in the industry, it’s due to bad or irresponsible actors, but sometimes it’s a function of what’s going on in the production process.

So the first filter is: am I getting a quality product? But then you have to ask: am I getting the right ingredient for my product? You can have 20 quality suppliers but maybe only one is right for your particular product.”

Onset time, flavor impact, resilience to pasteurization, bioavailability

Chicago-based Tempo – which was looking for a water-soluble CBD ingredient for its wellness shots, which also include brewed tea, juice concentrates and functional ingredients such as turmeric and ashwagandha – explored multiple options to get the right fit, he explained.