The 20 Best CBD Products to Use If You Don’t Want to Get High – GQ

It’s all about CBD over here in the Content Tower. There’s no topic more topical. There are literally a bazillion articles about it. Mueller Report, you say? Bah. No one’s reading that. Consider: CBD is a naturally relaxing chemical that doesn’t get you high. No wonder the stressed out media-types can’t stop talking about it.

I, too, fell victim to this outbreak of CBD journalism. It started innocently enough: I made a joke to a colleague that I should start saying yes to every publicist who’d been filling my inbox with generous offerings of CBD samples. Uttering that joke out loud was a very stupid move for an editorial assistant—better known as the office guinea pig. This CBD post was quickly assigned to me, and then I did, in fact, have to cheerfully respond to every single publicist, asking them to please send over any and all of their CBD.

My desk was instantaneously overrun with products—more than 60 in all—which began to fill me with a level of dread that I guess CBD is supposed to help mitigate. I did not have any interest in becoming the first person to overdose on what is thought to be a harmless cannabis compound, so I decided to invite my friends to help out and get relaxed as hell with me. We divvied ’em up, tested ’em out, and picked our favorites.

So here’s our final tally of the 20 best CBD products—the creme de la creme—worthy of your attention everyday, yes, but especially 4/20, aka the birthday of CBD’s cooler cousin, THC.