Traveling with pets made easier with tips from the experts – Dog of the Day

Looking for some tips for traveling with your pets? Joy Organics has compiled some tips from the experts that make it easier than ever to head out with your furry friends.

Whether you are traveling with family or by yourself, there are times when you just need to plan ahead and get organized early. And when you are heading out with a pet in tow, it is even more important to not only plan ahead, but also make sure that wherever you are going is actually pet friendly.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling long distances with your pup or just going to visit a friend or family member, you should always be prepared. After all, there are certain things that will make it easier on you and your pet when it comes to being in a car.

With the help of the people at Joy Organics, we have some expert tips that will make traveling at the very least a little bit easier, if not safer and more enjoyable. So what are these tips?

Joy Organics shares some expert tips for traveling with your pet

  • Make sure you are heading somewhere pet friendly – Whether it is a quick visit or a longer stay, make sure that wherever you are visiting or staying is actually pet friendly. Check your hotels for rules and regulations regarding pets, and make sure restaurants and more will allow your pup.
  • Buckle up – Whether you are traveling with a dog or a cat, make sure that they are always buckled up (either in a carrier or harnessed to the seat) when they are in the car. While you might think it is okay to let them wander around the backseat, it seems that veterinarians have a different opinion on this.
  • Keep anxiety down – Is your animal a nervous traveler? Then you will want to help them out to keep the anxiety down. From CBD oil to the pet version of Xanax, make sure you talk to your vet for what you should use to keep your pet calm on the road.
  • Be prepared – In order to be prepared for a trip, make sure you have everything you need. This means having your animal’s medical records, a number for your vet, a number for a vet where you are visiting, and even a first aid kit. On top of these essentials, make sure you have water, treats, and your animal’s food on hand.
  • Practice is important – In terms of practicing for a trip, it can be a good idea to actually take your pet on a ride in the car before heading out for a longer road trip. Make sure to reward your pet for good behavior and calmness in the car.

What do you do to prepare for a trip with your animal? Do you often do road trips with your pet? Tell us what you do in the comments.