Vermont opens its first cannabis café, “Magic Mann” in Essex Junction – Local 22/44 News

With the help of local farmers and one woman’s dream, Meredith Mann opened Vermont’s first canna-café. There, one can order a cup of coffee, baked goods, and food infused with CBD. 

The female-owned business opened its doors for the first time Wednesday morning.  

“We are Vermont’s first cannabis café. “Magic Mann Café and Convections and Bakery,” said owner and long-time cook Meredith Mann.  

Mann was the former supervisor at Champlain Valley Dispensary. But on Wednesday morning, she stepped into a new role. 

“We want the community to come in and ask us questions. We want this to be a place where the people feel comfortable,” said Mann.

The café offers CBD-fused candy, beverages, and meals, all made in-house. Once it’s safe, Mann hopes to hold cooking classes and rent the kitchen out to local farmers or other local businesses.  

“We want to go a little bit outside the box in terms of what we carry on a daily basis. just try to make it a little bit different and fun for people,” said employee Erin Doble. 

Doble said Magic Mann is already working with nearly a dozen local farms. 

“We’re going to select a new farm every month and use their oils…and we’re going to infuse all our products with it as well,” said Doble. 

One is Farm Fresh Hemp, which supplies products around state and nation-wide.  

“We work with a couple other Vermont stores around here. this is our first year getting into our own brand,” said Farm Fresh Hemp owner and fifth generation farmer Justin Lang. 

 “We want Vermont farmers to succeed and part of this is us being able to help their products, get them out the door…and help us all be successful,” said Mann.

The owner says she hopes her café can help normalize the use of CBD products and promote its wellness benefits. 

“You know, for me CBD relieves my anxiety, it’s an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory…even just education on that is extremely important to us because it will make or break how people feel about it,” said Mann. 

Customers are required to wear masks in the store. Mann says those younger than 18 will need to accompanied by a parent. Soon, she hopes to open her indoor seating section and help feed and educate the community.