You Owe It to Your Body and Mind to Get Better Sleep: A Weighted Blanket Is a Great Start – The Daily Beast

As you contemplate various spring cleaning upgrades, it’s also time to consider upgrading your sleep. One way is with a weighted blanket—it will forever change the way you sleep, providing your body with the force of a slight hug to help it relax as you slide into sleep. And there are high-quality, best-selling options that are at the same time relatively affordable. Meet Quility’s weighted blanket, for example. It’s breathable and designed to be soft to the touch, which reviewers really enjoy. And there are lots of reviews: More than 5,000 of them gave the weighted blanket a 4.8-star average rating. The blanket comes with a removable cover that’s rare in the weighted blankets market and adds some warmth for cooler nights, but what really stands out to me here is the customization you get for your investment. You can choose among 12 size and weight combinations to find the ideal for your body, and there are six styles available. My favorite is definitely the light gray blanket and ivory cover. This spring, take care of yourself with an investment in your sleep and, subsequently, your health.